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Please feel free to shout it out!

Please email us your  testimonials, reviews and recommendations and we can post them here.  We always love to hear from our guests, Don't forget to send us pics of your hair if you want them posted on the website!


Christine  Hey you, what a fantastic haircut you gave me on Saturday!!!! I love it! Love it, love it , love it!! Now I know why we missed you soo much! Thanks a million!!

ShawnaLea : is very happy with my new funky hair thanks to Lorne from Rage Salon! Great service and great color :D pics to follow soon :) , it looks great and I love the colors :D Lorne is sooo good at what he does and so friendly I am going to love visiting the shop :)

Petrina ♥Tin-Foil Ninja Rocks...Luv'n my hair♥
Salon Rage is the place to be!
 I did it!!! I actually went & did it....Chopped off my hair but I freak'n love it!!!! Thanks to Lorne Bruch & Tonya Hiiuvain for a great experience,I will definatly be back...Pics to

Nicole Loved being pampered today Thank you Lorne Bruch for the haircut! ♥ it!

Holly I love my hair and your new edgy salon. Your philosophy of taking time to know your clients....and their hair; is impressive to say the least. I have never had an experience like this one. Incredible. Rachelle, what an amazing job you've done!! You may just convince me yet to use some colour!

Candace : Hey just had to tell u this. I was just at Brantford mall heading to the washroom and a mother and daughter where I heard them talking say how much they liked a girls hair and how her nails match her shirt, I walked out and her mom was like that's her and her daughter said, she's so pretty and her hair is amazing :) just wanted to say thanks to you guys cause that boosted my confidence thanks again u guys rock XD


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